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Farming to heal

The Centre Le Bon Samaritain was created in 2002 by Father Sansan Barthelemy Kambire, in Katiola (Côte d'Ivoire) in the aftermath of the violent crisis that shook the country. Father Kambire has sheltered more than 160 orphans since then. The Centre Le Bon Samaritain that welcomes children from any age has become a safe haven for orphans and children in need.

The AFLÉ Foundation supports the Centre Le Bon Samaritain de Katiola to reach a sustainable food supply. The Foundation helps creating a farm on 2 hectares where children can learn gardening and grow their own food. Also, the crops and livestock will be sold in order to pay for the children's needs.

The AFLÉ Foundation supports this project especially because of the therapethic aspect that an agro-pastoral farm has. Being in contact with nature has long proved to greatly help fighting traumas since healing through nature is very effective. Children from any age, both boys and girls will be involved with the agro-pastoral farm. Therefore they will benefit from this restorative activity.

The AFLÉ Foundation works towards to realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, namely SDGs 3 ( Health), 4 ( Education) and 5 (Gender Equality). This project encompasses the 3 objectives of the foundation.

We thank you for your support.

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